Artificial intelligence for automated operations in cryptocurrencies

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What is Solesbot?

With a powerful neural network of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge enterprise performance servers, Solesbot works with all kinds of complex data to find any scientific method that can shorten your path to profitability.

No experience needed

No prerequisites to operate with

Complete automation

No prerequisites to operate with

Easy to use

One-click software
without any prior setup


All our operations are
transparent and visible

Performance fee

You only pay a fee when you
make a profit

An optimized way to increase

your cryptocurrencies

We already know that cryptocurrencies appreciate. Solesbot offers safe ways for you to automatically increase your cryptocurrencies without any setup. Increase your Bitcoins or even your USDTs and other cryptocurrencies.

Our services

and security

Blockchain is immutable and 100% reliable. That's why Solesbot relies on the internet's great ledger to share all transactions made through your account.

Track transactions in
real time on Blockchain

Instantly withdraw
your funds

Live operations

How to get started


Deposit funds into your Spot Wallet


Choose a robot based on the currency
you want to increase


Receive profits in your wallet for each
operation done automatically

About us

Raul Soles is the CEO and Founder of Solesbot. He has been professionally operating in the cryptocurrency market for at least 6 years. In 2023, he launched Solesbot to the public after nearly 2 years of testing and validation.
"Solesbot is the result of the joint efforts of a team of experts in different areas such as data science, mathematics, and finance. Together, we were able to harness the power of advanced artificial intelligence models and merge them into a promising system for operating cryptocurrencies.”

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Soles BOT is a fintech that provides a program for cryptocurrencies trading based on financial engineering, statistics, and artificial intelligence. Our vision is to develop and deliver world-class programs to help cryptocurrency investors get the most out of their digital assets.

With Soles BOT you can minimize three major difficulties associated with cryptocurrency trading: risk management, trading efficiency and complete automation. Currently, the main service available to all users is cryptocurrency arbitrage, in addition to being a modality considered safe and stable, it is also proving to be profitable in the long term.

Small investors, professional investors, miners, and investment funds. Soles BOT's business model is democratic and allows any type of user profile to obtain good long-term results in a secure way.


Cryptocurrency arbitrage is a trading modality that takes advantage of the price difference of a cryptocurrency in two or more different markets and makes a profit.

As for the hardware being operated, there are no minimum requirements for using the Soles BOT software they do not need to be installed, once the software is on there is no need to revisit the site other than for advisory purposes. As for the operating user, there are no criteria of skill and prior knowledge to operate the Soles BOT software.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage fits into the lower-risk trading model and therefore can offer lower returns compared to riskier models like cryptocurrency trading.

Soles BOT works with 3 types of cryptocurrencies that meet the company's assessment criteria: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT).

Soles BOT only operates on five exchanges that meet the company's desired standards: Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex and Kucoin.

How to use and user information

The procedures that must be done to initiate cryptocurrency arbitrage with Soles BOT are: 1. Deposit funds in the cryptocurrency you want to operate; 2. Add funds to the robot and turn on automatic mode; 3. Track income and manage funds.

Minimum amount to start arbitrage operations with Soles BOT is USD 100.

There is no minimum period and there is no termination fee to be charged if the user no longer wishes to operate with Soles BOT, however the period to return all funds and make them available for withdrawals and transfers is 48 hours.

Yes, complete or partial removal of operating funds can be requested at any time.

Yes, all users can easily manage and view their Soles BOT accounts using their mobile browser.