About Us

Who are we?

Solesbot is a company that develops professional software for cryptocurrency market
investors. Based on research and technological innovation, our focus is on providing tools that
deliver consistent results on a large scale.

Led by Raul Soles, the team began to get involved with operations in the cryptocurrency arbitrage segment. At the beginning of the studies and development of tools for complete automation of the operation, there were attempts to create an AI that would make precise market readings in conjunction with the software that acted in the execution of asset buying and selling.

It was only a year later, in 2022, that a successful merge of two software, which until then did not operate together, took place. After a long year of validations and real tests, the true potential of the new software, called Soles BOT, was attested.

Only in 2023 Soles BOT was launched to the main market through a business model dedicated to capturing greater liquidity and offering more consistency and profitability in operations.


purpose of Solesbot


Our algorithms process terabytes of data every day, patterns and correlations in this data are invisible to the human eye. Neural networks of artificial intelligence and high-power servers are not available to everyone, so we believe that Soles BOT is a way to democratize this.


Arbitrage operations are only profitable with high capital volume; beginner investors with low volume cannot experience any kind of gain in this modality unless they are inserted into a higher liquidity capture model like Soles BOT.

High Scale

Many people have already experienced loss of funds by trusting their assets to third parties, which should not be trusted to anyone. Therefore, Soles BOT has a 100% transparent model in operations, being a safe and reliable bridge between a large group of investors and a high-volume market.